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We are now openly enrolling for our 2016-2017 school year!

We offer classes for all ages, ranging from Toddlers to Pre-K (ages 1-5).  We encourage you to stop by and find out what our school and community are all about.  Meet our fabulous teachers, talk with parents, and visit our laughter-filled classrooms where children learn and grow each day.

If you would like to visit and learn more about our school, please email our Enrollment Coordinator at smithtowncoop@gmail.com to schedule a tour or call 631-584-6767.

Serving families from Smithtown, St. James and the surrounding towns for over 50 years!


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We are pleased to share that the Smithtown Coop has been nominated as one of the best nursery schools on Long Island for 2013 & 2014.


Life long friendships begin here at Smithtown Co-op Nursery School.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
  ~Author Unknown

The Story,
The Statement &
The Answer..........

My daughter, Lauren and I were picking up Lea from school one day.  The kids were marching off the playground and stopped for a "group hug" with Caroline on her last day.  After we said "good-bye" and were in the car headed home, Lauren said to Lea, "Preschool is the happiest place on earth!".  Lea said, "Maybe you can grow small and go there too."  I wish we could!

READ WHAT LEAH DOMBROFF, HIGHLY REGARDED PARENT EDUCATOR, HAS TO SAY ABOUT SMITHTOWN NURSERY SCHOOL.                                                                          

"As a parent educator with more than 35 years experience, whenever I facilitate a parenting program on "How To Choose A Nursery School", in my mind, I'm using the Smithown Coop as a model and example. Although I never mention the school's name, all of the examples I give as to what to look for when scouting for your child's first school experience are here in this school.

Their programs use the best of early childhood education research to give children the most enriched experience possible. Understanding that children learn best through play, children are given opportunities to flex their imagination, creativity and intellect, and in this process gain what all children need in order to be prepared for their next educational step.

There are three things a nursery school experience should provide for a child. Number one, a place where children learn to socialize with other children of the same age. Number two, learn how to take direction from an adult, other than a family member, and number three, being given the opportunity to involve themselves (always by choice, not force) in activities that allow themselves to feel good about their abilities to master a task or create something, all on their own terms.

This school provides the fertile ground where learning grows. This is the most supportive environment I could ever imagine for a young child to begin their first school experience. I cannot recommend this school highly enough."

Leah Dombroff, Parent Educator

     The Smithtown Nursery School is a strong vibrant community of families working together with dedicated and talented teachers to create an enriching environment for children.  For over forty-five years, the philosophy of the school has been to offer programs that help children discover, explore and grow while recognizing that each child moves at his or her own pace.  We invite you to come along with your child and share this very special time in his or her life. 

     Your child's Pre-K experience is an important one.  The Smithtown Nursery School believes that all children can and should be active learners.  Therefore, we provide activities and program content that foster cognitive growth and development. 

      All early childhood research is emphatic about how children learn and what tools they need to grow in a progressive and successful manner.  Children need to have strong social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills based on a firm foundation of exposure to appropriate activities and interactions.  With that said, you will still find an endless array of programs that offer activities and promise “readiness skills” that may not fit the model discipline of early childhood professionals.  

     We believe that our program offers a balanced curriculum that is enhanced by the exploration and discovery techniques we use in each class. 


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